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Eagle Manager FLYING

Eagle Manager FLYING HIGH. Eagle Managers represent our Forever Business Owners who are dedicated to building their business and helping others look and feel better. The power of becoming an Eagle Manager is what it does to your business – by helping others achieve their Forever dream, you are able to grow your business with bigger potential. That means bigger bonus checks, a larger team, higher retail income and more. Eagle Managers are also invited each year to Eagle Manager’s Retreat for training, relaxation and networking with other business leaders! FOREVER INCENTIVES | 10 Watch the Recap of Eagle Manager’s Retreat 2018 67% OF EAGLE MANAGERS GO ON TO ACHIEVE THE CHAIRMAN’S BONUS INCENTIVE. HOW TO QUALIFY Qualification Period: May 1 – April 30 To qualify, an FBO must meet the following criteria: • Be Active and Leadership Bonus qualified every month. • Accumulate at least 720 total case credits, of which at least 100 must be from new, personally sponsored downlines. • Personally sponsor and develop at least two new Supervisor lines If you’re a Senior Manager or above, you also need to personally develop: Senior Manager – 1 Downline Eagle Manager Soaring Manager – 3 Downline Eagle Managers Sapphire Manager – 6 Downline Eagle Managers Diamond-Sapphire Manager – 10 Downline Eagle Managers Diamond Manager – 15 Downline Eagle Managers Double Diamond Manager – 25 Downline Eagle Managers Triple Diamond Manager – 35 Downline Eagle Managers Centurion Diamond Manager – 45 Downline Eagle Managers WHAT YOU EARN Eagle Managers are invited to the Eagle Manager’s Retreat each year where they will gain valuable training from top Forever Business Owners and executives, network and exchange business tips with other global leaders, travel to a new exotic and exciting destination and receive recognition for their accomplishments in the Forever world. Being an Eagle means being an elite member of the Forever family. As an Eagle Manager, a Forever Business Owner may be called on to train at global events, share business ideas with the executive team and will have more opportunities to grow their influence. Eagle Manager and the Eagle Manager’s Retreat is a vital stepping stone for any serious business builder. 11

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